Talent Retention

Career Coaching: a strategy for employee retention

The Pyramid is able to provide you Career Coaches, certified by the International Coach Federation (ICF), that can help you to take full control of your career or to facilitate your transition to a new job role.

With increasing frequency Human Resource staff are experiencing staff approaching them for assistance with their career situations. These approaches can be informal such as in the corridor, cafeteria, staff functions, even the car park. More formal settings are where the staff member has requested a meeting with their career issues on the agenda.

A Career Coach acts as a facilitator of employee’s retention and their development helping the employee to make the ‘right action’ for both himself and the organization. Interacting with the employee, a Career Coach has the opportunity to do the following:

  • Connect staff with a deeper level of motivation than ‘just having a job’. During the process staff discover their passion and purpose to guide their career action step decisions and are empowered to propose work content that they can love, not just tolerate.
  • Probe for conversational openings that may lead to resolution of ‘hidden issues’, rather than providing just a ‘quick fix’ to the proffered problem.
  • Create positive coaching interactions by listening, observing, discerning and modeling.
  • Deliver effective coaching through feedback, questions, statements, confrontations and ideas.
  • Improve the employee’s ability to market them in the internal job market.
  • Increase their potential for career growth and earning power.
  • Assist staff in becoming ‘career self-reliant’ by taking control and ownership of their own career development.
  • Increase the employee’s awareness of career path options.
  • Improve the capability of staff to cope with constant change and transition.


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