Team Management


Do you want to enhance your people management skills? Knowing the best ways to inspire and lead a productive group of people through excellent team management is one of the outcomes of our team management training course. Whether you are taking over your first team or you are an experienced manager who needs to learn the best team management skills, The Pyramid can help you. Enhance performance by applying best practice to the management of teams through this team management course.

Who is it for?

The Group and Team Management course is designed for managers who need proven and effective techniques to get the best possible results from their teams. The communication and development skills that this course provides can be used by managers in nearly any sector, industry or level of seniority. The level of course content makes this team management course most suitable for managers and team leaders who have direct reports. It is particularly useful for managers who seek to put emphasis on coaching, development and interpersonal skills.

What is it about?

Driving the performance of individuals and teams is a big responsibility. As a manager it can be a real challenge to ensure that a team achieves its objectives whilst recognizing and supporting the needs of the individuals within it. This is where this Group and Team Management course can help. It offers the training required to cultivate a successful working environment from a people management perspective. Practical by nature, this management training course will give anyone managing a team the confidence that they are making the most of their people. It provides best practice approaches to some of the key interpersonal challenges that managers face, such as managing different personality styles within a team, communicating effectively and delivering coaching. Learners will leave with the skills that they need to empower their teams for higher performance.

What will you get out of it?

  • Understanding of the Tuckman’s team development model
  • Strategies for preventing and overcoming team failure
  • How to manage the team through conflict and difficult situations.
  • Practical ways to improve performance
  • Vary the leadership style depending on the team objective and team members.
  • Motivation and Reward approach
  • Team Dynamics
  • Appraising your staff and inspiring your team
  • How to lead a team by using effective communication skills
  • How to set clear team objectives
  • How to identify team functions and assign appropriate roles to team members


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