Outdoor activities


The Pyramid developed experiential Outdoor Coaching activities to achieve goals more quickly and experience the results achieved directly on the field.

Outdoor coaching activities represent an effective way to achieve results linked to company’s needs in particular when it comes to overcoming communication complexity and difficulty and are useful for motivation, team building and leadership. Moreover, experiential activities are the fastest way to overcome blocks emotions and fears that often do not allow individuals to express themselves within the company life and in personal life.

Among the various solutions we studied ad hoc ones for business needs, The Pyramid with support of expert ethologist horsemen also developed a coaching program where the equestrian activity is at service and support of coaching to achieve goals more quickly and experience directly on the field the results achieved.

In the framework of self-awareness, horsesare widely known and used to increase self-confidence, communication and develop and unleash leadership potential. Horses mirror people’s attitudes, they reflect both the strengths and the weaknesses, leaving the people at the mercy of their emotions and highlighting tensions, fears, leadership skills, communication skills, the aggressiveness of the movements, the liability, etc.

The activity is designed on theoretical and experiential activities designed to train people to manage their reactions and keep centered in one’s life in every situation, with long lasting results and benefits in various areas and in particular:

  • Unlock the potential and overcoming limitations and beliefs
  • Tackling difficulties andtransition
  • Facilitate relationships
  • Making choices and act based on courage and awareness and not on conditioned and uncontrolled reactions
  • Build trust in personal relationships and in the team
  • Develop the skills and resources to work in stress situations
  • Quickly switch from conflict to mediation solutions
  • Addressing and overcome anxieties and fears
  • Learning new behaviors to gain self-esteem, self-control and personal determination.

The unique method that combines NLP, coaching and horses has been specifically designed and tested successfully by our Coaches at The Pyramid in collaboration with expert ethologist horsemen.



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