Mindfulness for Business


Today’s leaders face a range of fast-paced, dynamic challenges, ethical decisions in the face of ever-increasing stress and instability. Feelings of uncertainty can undermine decisions, leading to mistakes that impact individuals, organizations, and potentially entire industries.

Business leaders need the tools to manage these situations from the inside out. Self-awareness, decision-making, innovation, compassion, courage, and resilience in the workforce are rapidly becoming essential competencies for the survival and sustainability of successful, ethical organizations.

Today an always increasing number companies are offering meditation, mindfulness and mind training to their employees and integrating these principles into their daily work environments (including Google, Apple, McKinsey, Deutsche Bank, Intel, Procter&Gamble, among others). University and MBA students in the USA have the opportunity to experience a new kind of education one with the potential to make a huge difference in their future success as business leaders and happiness in their private life introducing meditation and mindfulness in their school plans.

The Pyramid highly professional Coaches who constantly train in new techniques and stand for excellence and professional conduct will ensure Mindfulness tailored to your unique needs.


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