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The Pyramid Coaching Academy

European Coaching and NLP Certification Program

The Pyramid Coaching Academy responds to the needs for a training resource and service for people who want to acquire first-in-class Coaching and NLP skills. The Academy is dedicated to establishing and maintaining the highest levels of professionalism in Coaching and NLP whilst developing, innovating and responding to changes in the profession. You are assured that our course will equip you with the knowledge and skills you require to practice as a professional Coach with strong NLP capabilities. All our trainers are at least ACC ICF certified.

The Pyramid Academy team is here to assist you from enrolment to graduation. The comprehensive academic support system has been designed to make your studies as enjoyable and enriching as possible.

Our training program, certified by ICF and INLPTA, isprovided jointly with “Allenati Per L’Eccellenza – The Institute for Coaching and NLP”.bigornia Our European Coaching & NLP Certification Program consists of 5 modules for a total of 17 days (170 hours) of training fully recognized as an ACTP & ACSTH (Accredited Coach Training Program & Approved Coach Training Specific Hours) by the International Coach Federation.

Course Content

  1. Startup – The foundations of Coaching, its spirit, underlying values, and its integration with the techniques typical of NLP. The goals and feedback
  2. Takeoff – Powerful questions in Coaching, the metamodel, the sleights of mouth, and the Milton model of linguistic structure.
  3. Flying – Integrating Coaching with other branches of knowledge such as:
    • The Reiss Profile of Motivational Tendencies ™ aimed at assessing a coachee’s determinants of motivation
    • Frank Farrelly’s Provocative Therapy principles and the learning of the verbal and non-verbal models of provocation
    • The principles inherent to Bert Hellinger’s Family Constellations.
  1. Turbulence – Coaching for business. Identifying and coping with the problems inherent to the Coaching and Coaching-for-business processes. The principles of change management, leadership, and mediation that are critical to Coaching.
  2. Landing – Further decision-making and business models. Marketing yourself as a professional Coach.

Target audience

Life / business / executive Coaches, consultants, executives, mediators, HR managers, teachers, sports trainers and Coaches and parents.

For more information on next course dates, costs and location please contact us via mail at or call our office nearest to you.

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