Change Management


The number one obstacle to success for major change projects is employee’s resistance and the ineffective management of the “people side of change”. Effective change management is not achieved by enforcing change but by coaching people through it. The Pyramid provides you with Corporate/Executive and Career Coaches, certified by the International Coach Federation (ICF), able to engage Change Management coaching programs tailored to your unique needs and able to generate measurable results, through the adoption of a method that combines the features of structured and scientifically proven models (GROW and CO-ACTIVE) to the versatility and effectiveness of Neuro Linguistic Programming.

In enterprises change is a planned and managed process. The benefits of the change are known before implementation and serve as motivators and assessment of progress. Change Management allows the organization to assess the overall impact of a change. Effective Change Management supports a smooth transition from the old to the new while maintaining morale, productivity and even company image.


The “Best Practices in Change Management Report” identifies employee and manager’s resistance as the number one obstacle to success of the change plans. The influence that a supervisor or a manager has on front-line employees is immeasurable and coaching is a vital part of successful Change Management. As Change Management evolves as a profession and discipline around the world, coaching equips managers to be confident and capable change leaders with practical tools for their team.

Coaching through a program of change satisfies several objectives. It can, of course, be used to communicate the need for change, and to train people in new processes and procedures. The biggest benefit to Change Management, though, is the effectiveness of targeted coaching in managing and eliminating resistance to change.


The aim of Change Management coaching is:

  • to empower effective sponsorship from the top down
  • to support both managers and employees through the change program
  • to support both managers and employees once the change program has been fully adopted

Effective Change Management is not achieved by enforcing change but by coaching people through it. Coaching will increase enthusiasm for change, tackle potential resistance early in the change process, and help identify internal influencers of change. Change Management coaching implies a top down, whole of organization approach in order to reinforce change on willing participants and not enforce change on a resistant workforce.

Coaching is also an effective means to create desire, knowledge, ability and reinforcement in company’s front-line employees.  Having front-line employees that desire to participate and support the change, have the knowledge on how to change, have the ability to implement required skills and behaviors for the change, and receive the reinforcement to sustain the change are invaluable to the success of a project.

The Pyramid’s Change Management coaching approach enables supervisors and managers to be effective Change Managers. Our model prevents from focusing on the wrong things with employees at the wrong time.

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