The art of performance development: Reiss Profile test

The Reiss Profile is used wherever there is a need to improve human efficiency. Motivating employees is one of the most difficult jobs a manager has to do. The Reiss Profile offers effective tools to get to the bottom of where potential can be found and how it can be realized. Are you an HR director who needs to perform an assessment for some key employees? Are you a top manager who want to make an assessment of his team or of his own motivational factors? If you want to perform Reiss Profile test, on behalf of a company or on a personal level, we, at The Pyramid have an experienced Reiss Profile Master to provide this powerful assessment.


The Test

The Reiss Profile is a new personality-based approach in motivational research developed and published by Prof. Steven Reiss, Emeritus Professor of Psychology and Psychiatry at Ohio State University (USA). The Reiss Profile depicts the fundamental values, goals and motivations of human personality.

By identifying 16 Basic Desires it shows which permanent aspects of an individual’s make-up determine behavior from within. These 16 Basic Desires are part of all of our personalities, but their relative strengths vary from person to person. The possible combinations could produce 6,000,000,000 different personality profiles.

The Reiss Profile method is divided into two stages of processing. The first step is to compile from the customer of the Reiss Profile Test. The responses will then be analyzed and concentrated to obtain a profile of the personality; this will provide information about the intensity of the 16 Basic Desires.

The results of the individual profile will eventually be shown to the customer by the Reiss Profile Master during an interview. Compiling a Reiss Profile is a simple process and easy to understand. The client has to respond to 128 statements in an online or paper questionnaire. Filling in this form takes approximately 15–20 minutes. The results are collated with the help of a computer program, and discussed and analyzed in the company with a certified Reiss Profile Master. The profile remains anonymous.

The client receives a unique, personal motivation profile, together with an analysis and accompanying literature. Example of personality profile according to Steven Reiss:


The uniqueness of the Reiss Profile

The Reiss Profile takes into account current scientific research into motivation and neuroscience. With its solid empirical foundation and verified database, it stands out from the mass of psychological techniques. Where other tests identify types, the Reiss Profile places the individual center stage and emphasizes an approach which is oriented to personal development. Unlike traditional techniques, which only analyze behavior, this seeks to discover the causes for such behavior. It is what makes the Reiss Profile unique. Because of its deep penetration, scientific precision, and the stability of its results, the Reiss Profile is an efficient analytical tool for the ongoing coaching process.    

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