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The Pyramid is able to provide you Outplacement and Career Management Coaches, certified by the International Coach Federation (ICF), that can help you to take full control of your career or to facilitate your transition to a new job role. In the present scenario, which is flexible and that will surely become more and more uncertain and aggressive in the near future, the Outplacement and the Career Management coaching are clear paradigm shifts, as they allows the employee to become owner of his professional future, the protagonist of change, possibly preparing and carrying out professional transitions aligned with his professional background.


Are you going through a period of change within the organization you work for? Are you worried about the security of your job? Redundancy is often a stressful experience and in many cases totally demoralizing. You have to deal with the shock and the turmoil of a massive life change and all its side-effects, plus you also have to face the huge task of re-entering the job market. During times of change organizations can support their staff through Outplacement Coaching. A highly-specialized support service, a blend of coaching, leadership, management and communication that provides managers with the skills and confidence they need to deal with the challenging time of their career. An outplacement coach supports

  • Managers.
  • Redundant Employees.

Outplacement Coaching for managers Keeping a team focused and effective while communicating the potential job loss is a great challenge. An outplacement coach can assist managers during this stressful time. Specific areas they address include:

  • Communication skills: how do inform your staff that they no longer have a job? Coaching support managers to develop the right approach in order to handle unpleasant situations and be as  sensitively as possible.
  • Strategy planning
  • Leadership coaching: Is your leadership approach effective? Are you too hard or too soft? Through Outplacement Coaching managers will be able to assess their skills and be advised on best leadership approaches.
  • Performance – An outplacement coach will advise how to  maximize the performance of the team during times of low morale

Outplacement coaching supports managers to deal with the unavoidable emotional impact of corporate restructuring. Outplacement coaching for redundant employees Outplacement coaching supports the redundant staff to move swiftly out of the restructured organization into another. Coaching supports people to deal with the impact of job loss, stress the overall transition process During redundancy people experience mental and physical side-effects, including:

  • Depression
  • Relationship issues
  • Health issues

An outplacement coach supports clients deal with the above side-effects of job loss, moreover the outplacement coach supports clients in defining a clear picture of their possible future, through the following questions: What do you want? What motivates you? What stimulates your passion and makes you feel enthusiastic? Your redundancy could be the best opportunity to make a complete career change. Is there something you’ve always wanted to do? During sessions you will be stimulated to consider analytically your situation so you can determine your path for moving forward. Through the support of an outplacement coach clients cope with those incredibly stressful times of their lives. Finding the right outplacement coach for you is crucial to get the best outcome from each of your sessions, our coaches represent the best portfolio of skills and experience.   arrow_que CAREER MANAGEMENT COACHING All of us want to succeed in life, either our personal life or professional life. Often in our  personal areas we often refer to friends or family to confide in when we need help or encouragement. On the professional scene, we often feel we do not have the support we need during our difficult times. Achieving professional goals or facing career change can often be difficult or overwhelming and stressful and we need a support. Having a professional career coach at your side is a key element who can be the difference between achieving your career goals or falling short A Career Coach can assist you with in achieving your goals in :

  • Career Transition
  • Career Development

Career Transition We follow a methodology that will support you to:

  • Formulate your career goals and the path to achieve them
  • Identify job and career that align with your values, your interests, skills and personality
  • Understand how properly to assess career opportunities
  • Position your unique set of skills and experience
  • Create and implement your  action plan to achieve your goals

Career Development Career Development allows you to be in charge of your career’s direction by:

  • Achieving a long-term vision of your career.
  • Addressing and overcoming your  limiting beliefs.
  • Developing negotiation skills.
  • Learning communication strategies to support relationships within organizations
  • Identifying constraints of your moving forward in your career.

We offer both group and  individual career coaching from single sessions to complete programs of two/three coaching sessions per month and access to your coach between sessions.


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