Willing to change?


The Pyramid is able to provide you Outplacement and Career Management Coaches, certified by the International Coach Federation (ICF), that can help you to take full control of your career or to facilitate your transition to a new job role. In the present scenario, which is flexible and that will surely become more and more uncertain and aggressive in the near future, the Outplacement and the Career Management coaching are clear paradigm shifts, as they allows the employee to become owner of his professional future, the protagonist of change, possibly preparing and carrying out professional transitions aligned with his professional background.

What is the difference between Career Management and Outplacement coaching?

Our Outplacement coaching services provide career and job-search support to those who are leaving their employer through a redundancy settlement or a settlement agreement.  Our Career Management coaching programs are typically for those who are currently in work.  They may be looking for career progression in terms of a new role, promotion or even a career change.  They may also feel “stuck” career-wise and want to review their career options.


For those whose roles have been made redundant, our Outplacement coaching services provide the practical and emotional support that is needed to help them move into a new appropriate role as quickly as possible. At a time of personal uncertainty, the provision of such support can make a tremendous difference to an individual’s job search success.

Outplacement coaching is a unique niche of career coaching. This is an employer-paid benefit that is offered to its laid-off employees, from entry-level to senior management. Most often the employer will contact us and together we create an outplacement package that will best meet their departing employees’ needs. How does the individual benefit from Outplacement coaching services?

  • Career Assessment
  • Confidence-building at a vulnerable time
  • Build self-esteem and develop the ability to articulate accomplishments and/or negotiate an employment offer
  • Greater clarity and focus about next role
  • Job Search coaching: more time-efficient job search campaign and development of an effective job search strategy
  • Enhanced interview skills to win the job offer (Interview coaching)
  • Improved success-rate in being shortlisted for target roles

How does the organization benefit from providing Outplacement coaching services?

  • Providing genuine help to those who are about to face the most competitive job market for decades
  • Reduced conflict and fewer legal disputes as individuals feel supported in their transition
  • Freeing up HR and line management time and energy
  • Maintaining the morale of the redundancy “survivors” who see their exiting colleagues well-treated



Career Management coaching is about taking control of your career to proactively ensure that your career is meeting both your professional and personal objectives.

Career Management coaching  is a very specialized form of coaching, which is geared toward getting you up and moving toward your career goals. There are many points in our careers when employing the services of a Career Management Coach would be appropriate.

Most often the best time to hire a coach is during times of transition.

Those transitions can be early on in your career when you are just starting out and have no clear direction. Many of our clients come to us when they have worked for several years in their chosen career, but are now unhappy or dissatisfied and want to find something that better fits their strengths, gifts and interests. Still others who are perfectly happy with their careers hire a Career Management Coach to help them get ahead in their careers.

Career Management is not a single intervention but an ongoing strategy.

How will I benefit from Career Management coaching?

Career Management coaching has both immediate and longer term benefits:

  • Identifying and assessing your key skills and experiences and any gaps
  • Working out what it is you really want to do for the future
  • Devising a practical career action plan to determine what to do and when
  • Maximizing opportunities within your current organization
  • Marketing your skills persuasively to potential external employers
  • Reviewing your strategic action plan to ensure your career remains on-track and is able to accommodate unforeseen changes


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